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Based in Harrogate we provide financial education in the workplace through online & in-person workshops, an online flexible learning community and 1-to-1 coaching.

Understanding how you feel, think about and handle money helps you better manage your personal finances, enhance your relationships, and improve your wellbeing

As an employer have you noticed a drop in productivity or an increase in absenteeism, if so, this could be caused by employees own money anxiety. 94% of the working population in the UK worry about money, this means it is highly likely you have employees in this bracket, we can help!

As an employee, do you find yourself experiencing sleepless nights, unable to fully concentrate, worried you may run out of money, not be able to break habits that impact your money negatively, not able to afford starting a family or concerned about your retirement, we can help!

Multi-Award winning Employee Financial Wellbeing Company

Who are we?

AurumGold was founded to help organisations improve the wellbeing of their workforce. With AurumGold’s 20 plus years’ experience in the finance industry, we found an increasing demand for services to specifically address money anxiety among employees.

With that in mind, we developed a unique approach that helps organisations and their people to reduce that money anxiety and thrive.

We have worked with a wide array of organisations such as county councils, family law firms, care and residential homes, colleges, government departments, companies in manufacturing, in IT and finance. We have an excellent track record for delivering on our client’s objectives – no matter the size or type of the organisation.

Some of our clients…

Phill Holdsworth

I’m Phill Holdsworth, Managing Director of AurumGold. Like so many others, I have struggled with money anxiety through financial pressures. My work has been influenced by both my personal experience and by my 20 plus years in the finance sector. I would like to share with you my story, so that you can find out what led my wife and I to help others into financial wellbeing.

I want to help people who worry about money and experience anxiety, to better understand themselves, their relationship with money, and what their own true aspirations are, whilst simultaneously improving their money management skills.

There is nothing more encouraging than seeing someone who I’ve helped discover a brighter future and who goes on to become a valued contributor within their family and place of work.

Read my full story here

Mission statement

Our mission is to promote emotional and mental wellbeing in the workplace. Helping individuals and organisations to perform at their peak, our aim is to inspire a healthier, happier and more engaged working environment.

Vision statement

Our vision is to create healthier and happier working environments where everyone can thrive. To achieve this, we will provide ongoing, holistic care and support for employees and management, for the benefit of everyone.


Our business draws inspiration from Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with golden lacquer. Just as Kintsugi makes the repaired piece more beautiful and stronger than the original, we look to draw upon the hidden gold that lies inside every individual – rebuilding them and inspiring them to become stronger and to achieve their full potential.

What is Financial Wellbeing?

94% of UK employees suffer from money anxiety according to the latest figures – a stark statistic.

However, the ripple effect of this is significant too, with nine out of 10 larger UK businesses (2.4 million) suffering due to poor employee financial wellbeing. This costs UK employers more than £120 billion every year through stress related absenteeism, presenteeism, lower productivity and employee churn.

Within our society there are people who love to use their money to make others feel special and valued. There are others who believe in the importance of maximising every penny and don’t like to waste anything. In addition, there are those who love to create memorable and enjoyable experiences, using money to forge important relationships and invest in the next generation.

Perhaps we can all, at some time or other, identify with these descriptions. So, when life events put a strain on meeting these values, it’s not surprising that worry and anxiety can quickly follow.

“True Financial Wellbeing is not just about money!”

Just as important, if not more so, is understanding our Attitude, Beliefs, Values and Habits, where money is concerned. This is critical to making sustainable plans for now and producing workable goals for the future.

Money Anxiety isn’t confined to any particular area of a person’s life; it can affect our work; our relationships; family, and our social life too.

“How can I support my employee’s mental health and relieve their money anxiety?”

Through bespoke online and in-person workshops, an online flexible learning community and 1-to-1 coaching we help people understand their relationship with money, build confidence, feel in control, and have peace of mind.

This helps them develop strategies to manage money effectively and so move towards a less stressful and more authentic life. Organisationally, the net result is happier, healthier, more productive, and loyal employees.

Our Services

Financial well-being lays strong foundations for improved employee health, and a more productive and engaged workforce.
We help organisations to drive positive, long-term changes that translate into measurable business improvements.



Money anxiety exists in all workplaces.

We offer a compassionate, empathetic flexible learning community, workshops, and coaching. Our services help individuals feel more confident about managing their money, feel in control and enjoy a greater level of personal understanding and peace of mind. Your people will enjoy enhanced wellbeing, better relationships, and increased levels of productivity.

We have a wide range of services to suit your business and its unique requirements. Whether you are looking for interactive workshops, an online flexible learning community, or 1-to-1 coaching, we have options to suit your business’ unique requirements and budget.

We are also partnered (but not financially affiliated in any way) with a range of trusted experts in fields of mental health, accountancy, and financial planning. We are always happy to point our clients in the direction of the right services for their individual needs.


Our interactive in-person or online workshops help your employees to understand their money attitude and habits – why they have certain tendencies when dealing with and thinking about money. Armed with this understanding, your people will feel empowered to make positive financial choices that are aligned with their own personal goals and values.

Online Flexible Learning Community

Our flexible learning community is ideal for those whose work prohibits them attending a regular in-person or online workshop. It can be accessed at a suitable time to suit them and consists of several 20min videos covering an array of money related subjects accompanied by downloadable resources and assessments that embed learning relating to their own money.

In addition, each month they will have access to two live online Q&A sessions they can drop in and out of at their convenience. This allows a community learning approach whilst also having access to “ask the expert” who will be on hand during these sessions.


Through 1-to-1 coaching, we help individuals to improve their money management skills and discover their authentic selves. Together, we unpick the unhelpful thoughts and feelings often associated with money, leading them to financial and emotional freedom.


Helping you work towards positive wellbeing; our consultancy services are completely tailored to your organisation. We will undertake a review of your organisation’s strategy towards wellbeing, set up and structure, and guide you towards a happier, healthier working environment that includes financial wellbeing.

AurumGold Limited does not sell any financial products or receive any commission or referral fees. We ensure that clients are guided to the Financial Services Register should they need to create a stable and sustainable financial future.

AurumGold Limited does not give financial advice but would recommend that delegates seek the help of a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who is on the Financial Services Register.

AurumGold Limited does not give debt advice but would refer delegates, who find themselves in financial difficulty, to a free money and debt advice agency approved by the FCA.

AurumGold Limited does work occasionally with others who have expertise beyond ours such as financial, tax and debt advice, etc. We do not give recommendations, but we will inform our clients of what is available for them to personally check-out should they need additional services.

AurumGold Limited does not provide a clinical counselling service but would refer delegates, should they need this service, to qualified and approved counsellors registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Online Live Webinars & Learning Community

Our webinars and learning community give your employees the tools they need to develop confidence around money management. Through learning how to budget effectively, exploring their money type and understanding their attitude, habits values, and beliefs, your staff will be better equipped to have a healthier relationship with money – themselves – and indeed others – going forward.

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